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(Building Strategic Alliances between Corporate and Development projects benefiting both as WIN-WIN arrangements)

VISION FOUNDATION backed by a team of corporate and development professionals, is involved in designing and developing CSR strategies for companies, matching with their Corporate Goals, and supporting them in implementation.

Corporate Houses such as Eicher Tractors Ltd, and Metropolitan Corporation of Delhi have been our strategic partners in this regard.

One of our most crucial Collaborative CSR programme is Corporate Slum Adoption.



VISION FOUNDATION in collaboration with the MCD (Metropolitan Corporation of Delhi) is working on an integrated slum development programme.

Target Group: Slum Dwellers in Delhi Metro.

Problem Areas: Environment, Health and Education and income / poverty :

Programme Objective: To enable corporate houses to adopt a slum for development activities, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Methodology: Studies the conditions of development, Draws up Slum Development Plan  , invites companies to sdopt the Slum for Five years . The development progress gets managed by with VISION FOUNDATION.

Activities undertaken

  • Conducted base Line Study, prepared Action Plan
  • Trained slum women in Income Generating Programme including Agarbatti (incense), making as an Income Generating Programme.
  • Conducted classes for Pre Nursery and Nursery children.

Monitoring Impact :

We assess the development status of the Slum before adoption on key development indicators and prepare an Integrated Development Index (IDI), continue assessments and reporting to the corporate sponsor every year, which can be reported in the Annual Report of the sponsoring company.