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DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH : ( Baseline, Impact Assessment And Policy research)

VISION FOUNDATION undertakes research studies for the development sector organisations. It has undertaken several large and prestigious research studies for a number of esteemed clients including the World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP and other UN organizations, Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and State Governments, and other bilateral and multi-lateral funding agencies.

The research studies undertaken by VISION cover almost all stages of the development process, viz.,Baseline, mid-term, end term, Impact Assessment and policy formulation.

VISION has expertise in undertaking research studies in the areas of Health, HIV/AIDS, Education, Women and Child development, Income generation, Resettlement and Rehabilitation, Environment and Forests, Rural Development and Local Governance.

The following center is a unique centre under this division.

Centre for Impact Measurement

(Health Sector Reform)

Public Health initiatives focus on preventive aspects of healthcare, while clinical medicine deals with curative needs of individuals, within the communities.  In India, preventive healthcare delivery was revolutionized with flagging off the National Rural Health mission (NRHM) in April 2005 for a period of 7 years, to start with. Apart from structural and functional reforms on the Sector, substantial budgetary support was provided under the Mission, during the said period.

According the data in the Economic Survey, India currently spends around 4.1% of GDP on health, while China and Russia, that are among the low spenders among the 11 countries identified in the Government document, spend at least a percentage point more. Only Indonesia has a poorer allocation (2.6%) among the 11 countries, while Brazil and South Africa are near the 9% range. This positions India as the  worst performer among the BRICS group.

This situation demands creative inputs for making public healthcare delivery system more effective with visible positive change in critical indicators of Public Health (IMR/NMR/U5MR/TFR).

VISION FOUNDATION believes that the most crucial input for improving any development delivery system including Public Health is Impact Measurement. Impact measurement has the potential to identify key missing links to be taken care of and potentials strengths to be fully actualized.

Therefore, it has set up the Center for Impact Measurement (HSR) under the leadership of Dr. Pramod C. Samantaray, globally acclaimed Public Health Expert and Former Principal Program Coordinator with the National Population Stabilisation Fund (JSK), under the MOHFW, Govt. of India ,New Delhi, as the Director of the Centre.


To institutionalise Public Health Impact Measurement in India.


  • Conducting public health impact  measurement in different parts of India
  • Draw attention of all stake holders to the key missing links in public health delivery system
  • Mobilise support for Health Sector Reform in India.


  • Assessment of strategy for control ofMalaria in India and recommendation of strategy for improving impact. (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , GoI / National Vector Borne Disease Control Programmes)
  • Implementing Aids Control Program underAids Control Foundation, Govt. of Delhi.
  • Pulse Polio vaccination in South Delhi areas on behalf of of Delhi.


VISION FOUNDATION with the strength of research content available with in, in large number of development domains, it acts as a THINK TANK and initiates measures for advocating issues for larger good of the society and the country including  “ROUND TABLES“ to deliberate on and promote ideas and solutions to various problems.

VISION FOUNDATION has organised Round Tables at India International Centre in New Delhi on topics like, RTI Act 2005, Cleaning India and CSR Law and its benefit.