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India is huge country with an over burdened Criminal Justice System , which fails to deliver justice in time and keeps cases pending for unbearably long years. While, this is the condition of “justice seekers”, who can afford to reach the court by investing huge amount of money and time. What about the rest , the large number of “Justice Seekers” , who cannot afford a lawyer for basic guidance about the directions, he or she should take in his / her search of justice.

To address the problem of this huge section of “Justice Seekers “, VISION FOUNDATION for Development Management ( VFDM ) has set up the “Centre for Legal Aid” to provide legal aid / advice .

The modalities for getting legal advice through our site is as under.

  1. Any one interested in getting legal advice through CLA (CENTRE FOR LEGAL AID) VFDM can log on to the site and register by providing basic introduction , brief description of the problem to enable us to refer to an appropriate lawyer and paying a nominal Rs. 500 per issue .
  2. Our site , will generate a code number for each “ Justice Seeker “and allot an appropriate lawyer from our panel of lawyers to advice the “ Justice Seeker “. The numbers will be shared and the “Justice Seeker “can call the allotted lawyer.
  3. After satisfactory advice by the lawyer, his fees will be transferred to his account.