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Before the arrival of Allopathy in India, the health care systems of India since ancient times dominated by two schools of healing

  • Ayurveda
  • Most of other healing methods which we call Non-Medical Healing

Essentially the difference among the two is when an Ayurveda practice includes medication, hospitalization, and surgical procedure. Whereas in a case of Non-Medical Healing, there is no need of medication and hospitalization. Non-Medical healing method includes color therapy, stone therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, Vastu, Feng shui, numerology, astrology, palmistry, tantra healing etc. These healing methods are practiced in different parts of India and being carried away from generations to generations through practitioner under guru – shisha parampara. The Non-Medical healing methods have been treating millions of people since ages which continue even today. These healing practices have arrived in spite of apathy of the Government during post independent era and even survived hundred years of foreign rule which ill-treated these practitioners. Time has come to revive this healing method by providing them due recognition and giving them an opportunity to prove their healing abilities and serve the society.

VISION FOUNDATION is setting up a Non-Medical Healing centre at Haridwar with one satellite center at Delhi.Shri Om Prakash, an eminent acupressure expert is the program head of Non-Medical healing Centre. VISION FOUNDATION looks for various Non-Medical Healing experts to be a part of the program and also funding partners to support this grand initiative for the revival of ancient Indian Non-Medical healing methods.